Anti Spam Policy

Anti-Spam Policy

Advertisers and Affiliates are required to comply with the CoProsper policies related to the collection of email addresses and the transmission of commercial email. Failure to comply with the policies listed on this page are a material breach of your agreement with CoProsper Affiliate Network and we reserve the right to terminate your contract with us immediately, with no liability to us.
  1. Header information in any emails you send, including the FROM and SUBJECT must:
    1. Be truthful.
    2. May not contain any deceptive, false or misleading information.
    3. May not disguise the origin of the sender.
    4. Must display the true identity of the sender.
  2. Email messages may ONLY be sent to recipients who have expressly and knowingly agreed to receive the email message from you by taking a specific action to opt-in to receive messages. In addition:
    1. There must be a return email address or some other mechanism that is clearly displayed which provides the recipient with a way to opt-out of future emails.
    2. The return address or other opt-out mechanism must be functioning and must remain functioning for a period of no less than 30 days after the transmission of the original message.
  3. Registration forms must contain a way for users to opt-out of receiving electronic mail messages from the sender.
  4. You must comply with any opt-out request submitted to you within 10 business days of receiving the request. You may not sell, lease, exchange or otherwise transfer any opt-out email addresses. You may not have a third party send email to any opt-out email address on your behalf.
  5. Your messages and copy must comply with the following:
    1. Clearly identify the message as an advertisement or solicitation.
    2. Clearly provide notice of the opportunity to decline to receive further emails from you.
    3. Provide a valid physical postal address.
    4. Clearly label sexually oriented material in the subject heading.
  6. You are not permitted to use our logos, trademarks, business name, names of any employees, contractors, officers or representatives, or place any identifying information in any email transmission sent by you unless you have been granted the express written permission in advance by CoProsper Affiliate Network.
  7. If you have or are suspected of having violated any of our policies or with the law, we reserve the right to disclose your name and contact information to any person, entity or law enforcement agency at our discretion.
If you have received any unsolicited email, which you believe was sent by an Advertiser or Affiliate of the CoProsper Affiliate Network, please report it to us by contacting us and forwarding the email.